Our Approach

We are there for you every step of the way, always able to help and to ensure you are delighted with your new home




Building the home of your dreams doesn't necessarily come easy, but you have a true partner in the process.  We've done this before and we believe it's important that we go well beyond being just your trusted builder.  We will help you find the perfect location.  We will help you with the different ways to approach the financing.  We will help you with design - knowing how your options can affect cost, quality, and energy efficiency.  We will help you with the latest technologies and smart home options. We will help you with the little stuff as well deciding between finishes and appliances, etc.
The essence of a great build experience is communication, collaboration and no surprises.  We want to get to know you and what's important to you.  We want you to understand the details of the construction process (as much as you'd like).  We will work together on a detailed budget and project plan well before we break ground.  You will know the timeline, inspection dates, variables, and checkpoints ahead of time.  And, finally you will have full access to the project and us at every step so you are truly in control during the process.  We are more than happy to take you through the home at any and every stage of the build.
We are committed to ensuring your decision to purchase a new home or build a custom home has value.  We will help you steer clear of trends and select the features that will give you the most bang for your buck.  The value is in the quality of your home that you just can't get from production built homes.  Some things may cost more up front but will return on your investment in performance, energy efficiency and resale value in the future. We deliver value by ensuring your home is tailored specfically to your needs now and in the future, investing not only in the things you see but the things you don't and without the things you don't need.

Green Construction



We specialize in ultra-energy efficient homes  well beyond state and local requirements, and typically achieve home energy audits at better than 50% efficiency compared to standard new construction homes.  Energy efficient windows, advanced sheathing, insulation, air sealing and building envelope, high efficiency heating/cooling systems, LED Lighting, Energy Star appliances are standard.  There is a long list of other green options available including solar, geothermal, specialized materials, water conservation, and smart-home options.
We believe in complete planning, detailed estimating, and meticulous work.  We welcome the opportunity to work on a fixed fee basis and believe it leads to better project management.  Work is inspected at each appropriate stage, with punch lists and verification that each critical stage is complete before we move to the next step.  Each home is independently audited for energy efficiency and delivered with validation everything is completed and sound.  Finally, we will walk through the home to ensure you understand all the equipment, appliances and systems.
Obviously the carpentry and finish are critical to the beauty of your home.  This is a time consuming process and requires true craftsman.  The finish carpentry, masonry, tile, flooring, cabinetry, and paint are all completed by specialists in their field to ensure the finish is perfect.  The expert craftmanship of our finish is what you see and is a reminder that what you don't see is finished to the same level of quality. 

Our Commitment

Our Integrity

Our committment is delivering quality and unparalleled service for our clients.  We are your partner in the design, decision and construction process every step of the way.  When you work with us for all the promises we make we know that the expectation is an exceptional home of distinction that is yours and is the best possible in every way.  We are committed to see that you are delighted not only with the finished product but each step along the way.
Honest, Fair, Professional... We take seriously the responsiblity of building the future home for your family.  We understand this comes with the expectation that we operate with the highest professional and ethical standards.  Every person we hire is an expert in their field, proven and held to the highest standard. We stand behind our work and when there is an issue or a mistake we remedy it in short order.