Why Choose to Build Custom
Here is an example of poor quality from a large tract-builder.  This home is 8 years old.

The flashing between the siding and the chimney was not installed properly and resulted in a costly repair for the couple that purchased this relatively new existing home.
I believe that most people see the choice to build a custom home as a luxury--And, sure that can  be the case.  However, what many don’t realize is that there is tremendous value in building your own custom home.
  • Most houses are built with a sale and profit (for the builder) in mind.  This means that the tradeoff every day for the builder is, “do I spend a little more on the superficial things that people see… and cut corners where possible elsewhere.” 
  • Building a quality home is complex process with lots of details to obsess over.  When a house is built for sale – the other name of the game is how quickly it can be done.
  • So, when you have the pressure of cutting corners and speeding through production working against you – Things just don’t get done the way they should.  And, this is the reality for a majority of the homes in Massachusetts.
  • I got into this business 25yrs ago for this reason.  I bought my first house that was built by one of the national builders that pump out “communities” at the rapid rate.  I was so disappointed with the quality of house, I decided to build my own house.  I wanted to ensure everything was done right. 
  • Having your home built specifically for you and how you live is important.  Each square foot of your home costs money – make sure it is set up the way you want.  We have hundreds of house plans to choose from, which can be easily tailored and tweaked to exactly what you want.  And, it doesn’t have to be expensive.  With so many house plans to choose from it doesn’t take much to configure the design that is perfect for you.
  • Your home is a major investment.  Make sure you spend your money where it counts.  We can you help on you the decisions about where to invest when it comes to the structure such as energy efficiency and longevity.  After that, it comes down to which features make the most sense for you.
  • At the end of the day choosing to build a custom home allows you to build your dream, tailored to how you live, and doesn’t have to be any more expensive than trying to find that used home that has everything you want.  When you buy an existing home there is almost always some type of compromise.
  • Also, today more and more the decision to customize your existing home is the smart choice.  The expense of selling your home, finding (or building) a new one, and moving is not trivial.  Instead invest that “switching cost” in an addition, a new kitchen, finished basement, or maybe a new wine cellar.
When you build a custom home you are in control of investing where it counts.  Here is an example of a well insulated and air-sealed home